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General Description

The Heroic Age is a fully peer-reviewed academic journal.

The Heroic Age focuses on Northwestern Europe during the early medieval period (from the early 4th through 13th centuries).  We seek to foster dialogue between all scholars of this period across ethnic and disciplinary boundaries, including—but not limited to—history, archaeology, and literature pertaining to the period.

The Heroic Age publishes issues within the broad context of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe.  Each issue has a "general" section and a "themed" section.  Please consult the Call for Papers for information about upcoming themed sections.  For any questions about the suitability of topics, please contact Larry Swain, Editor-in-Chief.Mailto: Icon

Legal Notice

All files in this journal are offered to users free of charge for educational or personal purposes. Authors retain intellectual ownership of copyrighted material. Permission is not granted for commercial use.

Current Issue

Issue 16

Upcoming Issues

Issue 17: Carolingian Borderlands—Now Accepting Submissions

Issue 18: Occitan Poetry—Now Accepting Submissions

Regular Features

Feature Articles:  Research articles representing new scholarship on special or general topics, depending on the issue.  Please see the Call for Papers for current topics.

Editions and Translations:  New and/or updated editions and translations of primary sources related to the Early Middle Ages.

The Forum:  Essays that re-evaluate prevailing theories on a variety of topics.

Electronic Medievalia:  A critical review of web-sites of interest or use to medievalists.

Continental Business:  A review of early medieval scholarship originally published in German, Dutch, and French.

babelisms:  a regular column featuring essays jointly solicited and edited by The Heroic Age and the BABEL Working Group and focusing primarily on drawing connections between medieval artifacts with more modern arts and letters using postmodern critical thought.

Philological Inquiries:  a regular column describing and demonstrating the philological method and applying that method to shed new light on problems new and old.

Book Reviews:  Reviews of scholarly monographs and essays related to the early medieval period, as well as reviews of fiction based on the Middle Ages.

Film and Television Reviews:  Reviews of the accuracy and pedagogical merit of film or television programs focusing on early medieval topics (including both documentaries and fictional entertainment).

Author's Instructions: Please read the author's instructions carefully before submitting.

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